How to Have a Great Halloween Party

Now that another Thanksgiving Day is behind us, Canadians have Halloween to look forward to at the end of the month. Have you had a Halloween party recently? They can be extremely fun, not only when you are having them, but also when you are in the planning stage and getting them ready.

Here are some tips that will help you plan your next terrific Halloween party:

Make some cool invitations

Use your artistic skills (or ask an artistically inclined friend) to come up with a suitably gruesome, but fun, design for your invitations. Try to incorporate the theme of your party. For example, if zombies are the theme, make sure that is reflected in the invitation.

Create a food and decorations list

Choose food and your drinks that reflect the season. They can also be indicative of your overall party theme. For example, if vampires are the theme, serve a drink that is red and frothy like blood.

Decorations should suit the theme, while also reflecting a Halloween look and feel in general. Choose some decorations that will only be used this year and others that you can reuse for later Halloween celebrations. That way, your planning will be partially completed in advance.

Buy or create a costume

There are many excellent costumes on the market, though you can also create your own. This approach will make it more uniquely individual and all-around you.

Think up some Halloween games

You can rely on old standbys like bobbing for apples, or even create all new, fun games that reflect both your guests’ tastes and the theme of the party.

Be spontaneous

Once the party starts, the planning stops. Go with the flow, monitor how your guests are enjoying themselves, and adjust accordingly. But most important of all…never forget to enjoy yourself!