Dealing With the Aftermath of a Party

I recently discussed party planning and how some people find it quite difficult. Well, congrats! I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you have had your first party planning experience and I hope it was terrific.

Another less than great aspect of parties is dealing with the mess afterward. Yes, it’s a necessary evil that no one likes, but we all have to do it, so why not do it the right way? Here are some tips on how cleaning up after your party can be less of a soul-sucking ordeal:

Deal With Those Spills and Stains
Before you do anything else, tackle the various “oopsies” that occurred during the evening. I’m guessing you already attacked the ones you noticed during the event, but there are always ones left over that we don’t see until the morning. The longer these sit, the worse they are to deal with, so get cracking.

Collect the Trash
OK, you can now advance to garbage patrol. Pick up all of the cups, napkins, bottles, food leftovers…everything that is not supposed to be there. Recycle anything you can.

Dishwasher Time!
If you didn’t use paper plates (and good for you if you didn’t), start putting your cups, glasses, and plates in the dishwasher. Depending on how big your party was, this might take several loads.

Dust and Vacuum
Lots of guests means lots of traffic, so dust was no doubt stirred up or tracked in from outside. Dust all of your surfaces and vacuum the rugs. If you had to soak some areas of a rug to remove a stain, hold off on this step until the area has dried sufficiently.

See? It’s actually not all that difficult, especially compared to planning a party. However, it’s always good to have a system as that makes the task more efficient and less time-consuming.