Feeling Unwanted? Don’t Give Up Hope

Do you consider yourself to be a solitary person? Introverted people often need to spend time alone because extended periods in crowds can leave them feeling quite uneasy. For them, being alone is not a curse, but a wholly desirable state of affairs.

However, for many others, being alone is not only undesirable, it can be downright depressing. It can lead to feelings of being unwanted and unloved. If these are not reduced/eliminated, mental health issues can follow.

Are you feeling lonely and unwanted? Not sure of what to do? Consider the following:

This Will Pass

Unless you are like Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY and stuck on a remote island with only a basketball for company, you will not be lonely forever. Think about times in the past when you felt this way. Now remember how these periods were only fleeting and, eventually, you felt better. Keep that at the front of your thoughts.

Try Journaling

Many therapists recommend journaling because it provides a way for you to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper. This not only makes them easy to revisit later, but also provides a way for you to let them out. Once those negative emotions have poured out on to the paper, you might be in a better position to deal with your current emotional state.

Ignore That Negative Inner Voice

Ever heard of an inner critic? This is that voice in your head that constantly dresses you down. It may seem logical at the time, but the “advice” given by this voice is almost always irrational and should be avoided. This is especially true when you are feeling down. Call up a friend or relative, and talk to a real person in a better position to offer the kind of supportive words you really need to hear.