The Joys of Productivity

Bosses everywhere strive to achieve a level of healthy productivity in their workplaces. By that, we mean that employees are healthy in a manner that is sustainable for both the company and their personal well-being. However, as you may have encountered in one of your employment roles over the years, it is possible to become far too busy to be effective as an employee or function well as a human being. However, going too far in the opposite direction is not good either as tempting as it may be at times.

Do what you can to find the right balance because being productive is very good for you on the whole. Here are a few reasons why:

You can learn many new things

Keeping busy means almost inevitably trying and learning new things. If you do not do very much, or you simply do the same things over and over, you pass up on a great chance to learn new skills. This will also help you become more open to trying new things.

It keeps your brain healthy and active

Have you ever heard the phrase “use it or lose it”? Well, it can apply to your brain as well. Learning to do new things and performing activities that keep your brain active and stimulated can help to maintain its health.

You can help you do better at work

Even in workplaces that do not have video cameras on at all times, supervisors notice whether employees are being active and productive. If you are simply sitting around and doing the bare minimum of work, it will be noticed whether you think it is or not. Employees who take the initiative and go above and beyond usually are the ones who get rewarded. That can mean either a raise or a promotion.