What Are You Doing for Canada 150?

There’s a big birthday party next month! That’s right, Canada Day is almost upon us, but this one is extra special. July 1st is our country’s 150th birthday and celebrations and events are planned from coast to coast! These represent a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, experience new cultures, and visit new places.

Don’t know what you would like to do? If you plan to stay in your local area, go online and see what events are happening nearby. Chances are you will be surprised at the number and variety of possibilities: lectures, concerts, parties, elaborate multicultural feasts, walking tours, free movies…really, almost anything you can think of.

If you have been meaning to experience parts of your area and its culture, but have not had the chance, this is the perfect time! You can learn about its history, what makes it special, and what the future holds. There is also a good possibility of meeting many new and interesting people while you’re at it.

Been meaning to see other parts of Canada? Well, Canada 150 is really a wonderful excuse. Not only can you experience new provinces and cities when they are bustling and looking their best, but they will also be emphasizing what makes them unique and great.

I am very interested in the history of Canada’s indigenous people and plan to attend several events being held in the Toronto area. One of the keys to understanding and empathizing with other people is knowing more about them, their heritage, and their hopes. Canadians have not given our various indigenous communities the attention and respect they are owed. Help to right that wrong by attending events like the National Aboriginal Day and Indigenous Arts Festival, which offers immersive and interesting activities that will both entertain and educate, while finishing the day off with a concert that will be broadcast live from eight cities.